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HR, Optical, Twin HR cameras

ZY-1 02C (short for ZiYuan-1 02C) was launched on December 22, 2011 and it is still operational on orbit. The satellite is equipped with 2 sets of panchromatic CCD cameras (HRC) and 1 set of panchromatic-multispectral camera (PMC). As for the HRC, the resolution is 2.36 m, the combined swath width is 54 km. And for PMC, the panchromatic and multispectral resolution are 5 m and 10 m, and its swath width is 60 km. The data is mainly applied in surveying land resources at 1:25000-1:50000 scale, mining resources, geological environment, quick responses to geological disasters.

  Technical Specifications
   Mission life      3 years, operational
   Launch time      December 22, 2011
   Orbit      Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node, 780 km altitude, 98.5° inclination angle
         HR Cameras (HRC)   Panchromatic-Multispectral Camera (PMC)
   Sensor bands     Panchromatic   Panchromatic
  Blue, green, red
   Resolution (at nadir)      2.36 m   Panchromatic: 5 m
  multispectral: 10 m
   Swath width (at nadir)       54 km by 2 combined cameras   60 km
   Revisit capacity       3-5 days  

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  • Port of EI Dekheila, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt (HRC)
  • Salt Lake Mariote in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt (HRC)
  • Port of EI Dekheila, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt (PMC)
  • Central-pivot Irrigation in West Nubariyah, El Beheira Governorate, Egypt (PMC)
  • Farmlands in Kom Dafsho, Kafr El Dawwar, El Beheira Governorate, Egypt (PMC)
  • Chesapeake Bay, United States (PMC)