ZiYuan-1 02D


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Hyperspectral, 8-band, HR, Agriculture & forest-oriented

ZY-1 02D (short for ZiYuan-1 02D, also named ZY-1E or ZY1E) was launched on September 12, 2019. It is equipped with two cameras, one is VNIR camera (VNIC) and the other is hyperspectral camera (AHSI). The VNIR camera has panchromatic and eight multispectral bands, and it has a large view field, with 115 km swath width. The hyperspectral camera has 166 bands, and its swath width is 60 km. It's mainly applied in investigating land resources, emergent monitoring and supervising services, and it also provides supports for disaster deduction, environmental protection, housing, transportation, agriculture, forestry, marine and mapping.

  Technical Specifications
   Mission life      5 years
   Weight      1840 kg
   Launch time      November. 12, 2019
   Orbit       Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node
  778 km altitude, 98.5° inclination angle
        Visible Near Infrared Camera   Hyperspectral Camera
   Sensor bands       Panchromatic
  Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
  Coastal Blue, Yellow
  Red Edge, NIR2
  Spectral Range:
  0.4 μm ~ 2.5 μm
  VNIR: 76 bands
  SWIR: 90 bands
   Resolution (at nadir)      Panchromatic: 2.5 m;Multispectral: 10 m   30 m
   Dynamic range at imaging      12 bits   12 bits
   Swath width (at nadir)      115 km   60 km
   Locational accuracy       50 m CE90° (w/o GCPs)   100 m CE90 ° (w/o GCPs)
   Resolution (at nadir)      5 days 25° off nadir  
   Onboard storage      2 Tb


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