SuperView-1 01&02

SuperView-1 01&02 was launched by one rocket on 28 December 2016. And the next two better performed satellites will be launched to the same orbit in the second half year of 2017. From then on, there will be four 0.5m resolution satellites phased 90° from each other on the same orbit providing services to the global clients.

SuperView-1 01&02 operates at an altitude of 530 km and provides imagery with 0.5 m panchromatic resolution and 2 m multispectral resolution. The swath width is 12 km and the descending node time is 10:30 am. It possesses high agility and runs with multiple collection modes.

Technical Specifications


SpaceWill is working on worldwide network to distribute Chinese EO satellite imagery in global market networking. If you are interested becoming SpaceWill’s partner, please complete the online forms below: Or you may download and complete the forms and send it to

Historical Images

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