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SuperView-1 03&04 products are ready for you!

Source: SpaceWill  Date:2018-06-09

SuperView-1 03&04 imagery products are ready for customers to order. For better understanding the two satellites’ superior performance, 5 image samples are picked for your evaluation. And they can be downloaded here: 

Server:ftp: //

  Username: free sample data

  Password: free sample data

 Folder name: SuperView-1 03&04 Sample Data for Evaluation Uses  

SuperView-1 03&04

SuperView-1 03&04 are the second 2 SuperView satellites launched in January 2018. Teamed with SuperView-1 01&02 launched in December 2016, they work on agile platform allowing to swing up to ±30° for normal collections and ±45° for exceptional collections. These first 4 SuperView-1 satellites have 4 collection modes: long trip, multi-strip, multi-point and stereoscopic collections. They provide optical imaging products with 50 cm panchromatic and 2 m multispectral GSD. And they are capable of collecting 3 million square kilometers every day and revisiting any target on the Globe within 1 day while working concurrently.

About the samples





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