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SV-1 Constellation: See a Clear Surface of our Planet

Source:SpaceWill  Date:2021-01-08
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, imaged by SV-1, on Aug 23, 2020
Happy birthday to SV-1 03&04! The two satellites are 3 years old today. Together with their 'brothers' SV-1 01&02, they have provided billions of high-definition images of our Planet to the users throughout the world. Today we are here giving a general introduction of SV-1 satellites constellation.
1. SV-1 - Excellent Quadruplets
SV is short for SuperView, SV-1 include four identical satellites. The foursome team provide global coverage of Earth surface with their very-high-resolution, panchromatic and multispectral cameras.
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Here's everything about SV-1 satellite constellation:
2. SV-1 Background
Under China national policy of 'supporting the independent development and application of high-resolution remote sensing small satellites, and encouraging the innovation in the commercial application model of satellite remote sensing industry in 2013', SV-1 is the first commercial Chinese optical satellite constellation with 0.5m resolution.
On December 28, 2016 and January 9, 2018, the two pairs of SV-1 were successfully launched in China Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The quadruplets work along the same orbital plane and revisit at any place on our planet on a daily base. SpaceWill Information Co., Ltd. has been assigned the operator and imagery distributor for global users since the first 2 SV-1 satellites were successfully launched.
3. SV-1 Bands, Resolution, Swath Width and Collecting Capacity
SV-1 sensor consists of 5 spectral bands with each of the four satellite being totally identical to another. The raw resolution of satellite data is 0.5 m for panchromatic band and 2 m for blue, green, red and near-infrared (multispectral) bands. The image swath width is 13.1 km at nadir pass. 2 millions square kilometer’s imagery can be collected on each day.
SV-1 Constellation Parameters
4. SV-1 Imagery Products
SV-1 imagery is classified into 2 types of products:
PMS (Panchromatic and Multiple Spectral) Product: The product is bundled of panchromatic and multiple spectral bands. Panchromatic (PAN) band is black and white color. And Multiple Spectral (MUX) includes 4 bands (blue, green, red and near-infrared).
Pan-sharpened product: The product contains the visual information of multiple spectral data and spatial information of panchromatic data, resulting in a higher resolution color product. The pan-sharpened product’s resolution is 0.5 m.
The products are delivered with geotiff format.
For further information, please visit SuperView-1 Satellite Imagery Product Guide
5. SV-1 Satellite Applications
Since the launches, SV-1 satellites have collected with quality imaging services to the users worldwide. The satellite data is being used in a wide range of remote sensing applications, including but not limited to land mapping, city planning, agriculture & forestry, mining, defense and security, location services. Here we choose two cases:
Tracking changes at a global scale
Requested by a partner, SV-1 has begun to track 6 copper mines located in Chile, Peru and USA since July 2018 on a bimonthly base. Compared by 2 images collected at different stages with analysis software, the differentiated elevation can be generated, and according to the differentiated elevation, the yield can be calculated during the period.
Image 1. SV-1’s Multi-Period Stereo Monitoring Cerro Verde
Image 2. Enlarged image captured on Cerro Verde in Peru on July 1, 2019
Quick response to natural disasters
On May 11, 2017, a 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck Kuzigun village of Kashi in Xinjiang China. Xinjiang Mapping Bureau needed to know how serious the struck area was affected for evaluation and recovery, so we scheduled SV-1 to collect the image of the area on May 13. From Image 3, we can find lots of villagers’ houses ruined by the earthquake, and many temporary shelters built up by rescuing team in image 4.
Image 3. SV-1 imaged ruined houses on May 13, 2017
Image 4. on May 13, 2017, SV-1 imaged temporary shelters built up by the rescue.
Global Partnership
SpaceWill Info. Co., Ltd. (SpaceWill) is a leading provider of EO satellite data and geospatial information services based in China. The company business cove rs EO satellite data, data processing, value-added products, software, and solutions of Satellite Ground Receiving Station. SpaceWill is the commercial marketing operator of SuperView-1(SV-1) satellite. Authorized by Chinese government, SpaceWill is the global distributor of Chinese EO satellite data. The satellites include GF-1 (4 identical satellites), GF-2, GF-3(SAR), GF-4, GF-5 (archived data), GF-6, GF-7, ZY-3,01 & 02.
SpaceWill has built a global partner network with around 70+ companies to provide satellite imaging services. And we are recruiting partners around the world. Please contact us via, or, + 86 10 58818811 ext. 840 or +86 13810081424 (for emergence).