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Located in Beijing, SpaceWill Info. Co., Ltd. (short as SpaceWill) is a leading provider of EO satellite data and geospatial information services. The company business covers EO satellite data, data processing, value-added products, software, and solutions of satellite ground receiving segments.

SpaceWill is the major supplier of SuperView satellite data. SuperView are very-high-resolution commercial imaging satellites. So far there are 9 SuperView satellites in operation, and they are SuperView-1 (4 identical satellites), SuperView-2, SuperView Neo-1 (2 identical satellites) and SuperView Neo-2 (2 identical SAR satellites). The company is also authorized by Chinese government to distribute GF, ZY and HJ satellite data. These satellites include GF-1 (4 satellites), GF-2, GF-3 (3 SAR satellites), GF-4, GF-5, GF-6, GF-7, ZY-1 02C, ZY-1 02D, ZY-3 (3 tri-camera satellites) and HJ-1.

SpaceWill has developed global partners network since 2016 when the first 2 SuperView were launched, and built partnership with over 70 companies around the world.