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SV-2 Satellite Imagery is Now for Purchase

Source:SpaceWill  Date:2022-02-24
National Sliding Center (nicknamed as “Dragon-shape Stadium”) for Winter Olympic Games, imaged by SV-2 on February 3, 2022

SpaceWill starts to provide commercial imaging services of SuperView-2 (abbr. as SV-2, alias is GFDM, 高分多模) high-resolution optical satellite. SV-2 is a follow-on satellite of SV-1 satellite constellation. For standard products, there are two pixel-resolution options: 40 cm-class and 50 cm-class products, and two bundle options: panchromatic + 4 multispectral bands and panchromatic + 6 multispectral bands.

•  SV-2 Satellite’s Features

Compared with SV-1 satellites, SV-2 provides higher resolution and more spectral bands. The satellite has one panchromatic band and six multispectral bands. The panchromatic resolution is 42 cm at nadir and the multispectral resolution is 1.68 m at nadir. The imagery collection is highly agile, as the satellite allows multi-target, long-strip, multi-angle at one target, multi-strip, bi-/tri-stereo, along/not-along track collection on one single pass. The satellite is equipped with a set of synchronous monitoring atmospheric corrector to remove the effects of the atmosphere on the reflectance values of images.

•  SV-2 Satellite’s Key Specifications
•   Image Samples

♦    Singapore Port, Singapore

This 42 cm-resolution image shows the Port’s colorful containers are orderly arranged and mechanical works in precise details.

♦    CITIC Tower, Beijing

This image shows Beijing’s highest building -CITIC Tower at a very large off-nadir angle.

♦    Fake-color image of Groningen flowers field, Netherland

This image shows flower fields in Groningen Province of Netherlands. The fake-color image was processed in a combination of near-infrared, red-edge and red bands so that different flower fields are distinguished more obviously than true-color image.

♦    The DSM of CITIC Tower, China

This image shows the digital surface model of Beijing’s tallest building, processed with SV-2 stereo images. It presents different heights and layout of the building in sharp details.

♦    The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza was imaged at 11 different angles on one pass. The gif images present dramatic agility of SV-2 satellite with different pitch and off-nadir angles.


•  Contact SpaceWill for Cooperation and Purchase of SV-2 satellite data

SpaceWill is the commercial marketing operator and imagery supplier of SuperView-1 and SuperView-2 satellites, and we are also government-authorized distributor of Chinese EO satellite data. These satellites include GF-1 (4 identical satellites), GF-2, GF-3(SAR), GF-4, GF-5 (archived data), GF-6, ZY-3 and ZY-3 02&03.

SpaceWill has built a global partner network with 70+ distributors around the world. We are always looking for more distributors and partners who want to distribute or use our satellite data locally.





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