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SpaceWill Awarded with 4 Honors and Qualification in October

Source:SpaceWill  Date:2021-10-31

October is SpaceWill’s fruitful month of the year. During the month, SpaceWill was awarded with one important qualification and three honors. The company was re-awarded with "China’s A-level Mapping Qualification", “China GIS Excellence Award 2021” and listed in "Top 50 China's Most Vibrant Mid-Enterprises 2021" and 53rd place of "Top 100 Chinese GIS Companies".

The certificates were awarded in October, 2021


•  A-level Mapping Qualification Certificate

SpaceWill is again awarded with "A-level Mapping Qualification Certificate". It is the highest qualification level in China's surveying and mapping industry. It is the third continuous term that the company was awarded with this qualification.

A-level Mapping Qualification Certificat


•  Three Honors Awarded by China Association for Geospatial Information Society

Apart from the qualification, SpaceWill took 8th place of "Top 50 China's Most Vibrant Mid-Enterprises 2021" and 53rd place of "China’s Top 100 Chinese GIS Companies" that were ranked by National Association for Geospatial Industry Society according to the company’s annual net profits, annual growth of profits and qualifications of last fiscal year, and the company also took China “GIS Excellence Award 2021” by contributing to a major project.

Member Certificate of "Top 50 China's Most Vibrant Mid-Enterprises 2021"


Member Certificate of "Top 100 Chinese GIS Companies"


Certificate of Bronze Award of “China GIS Excellence Award 2021”



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