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SuperView NEO-1 Satellite Imagery is Ready for Order

Source:SpaceWill  Date:2022-11-04
Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE, imaged by SuperView Neo-1 October 6, 2022 (Beijing Time/UTC+8 hours)


SpaceWill starts to provide commercial imaging services of SuperView NEO-1 01&02. The twin satellites were launched on April 29, 2022. They collect high quality imagery with 30 cm resolution and 12 km swath width. There are two pixel-resolution options: 30 cm-class and 50 cm-class products. Combining with another five SuperView satellites (4 identical SuperView-1s and SuperView-2), SuperView provides with the strong imaging ability to support geospatial applications and intelligent analytics for global users.

•  SuperView NEO-1 Satellites’ Features

Compared with SuperView-1 and SuperView-2, SuperView NEO-1 satellites collect higher resolution imagery. The satellites have one panchromatic band and 4 multispectral bands. The panchromatic resolution is 30 cm and the multispectral resolution is 1.2 m at nadir. The imagery collection is highly agile, as the satellite allows multi-target, multi-strip, stereo and corridor collection on one single pass.

•  SuperView NEO-1 Satellites’ Key Specifications
   Mission life   6 years
   Launch time   April 29, 2022
   Orbit   Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node 500 km altitude
  778 km altitude, 98.5° inclination angle
   Resolution (at nadir)      Panchromatic: 30 cm; multispectral: 1.2 m
   Sensor bands   Panchromatic

   Swath width (at nadir)   12 km
   Dynamic range at imaging   11 bits
   NIIRS Class   6.0
   Oblique viewing angle   ±30° (normal), ±45°(extended)
   Revisit capacity   Daily
   Imaging modes   multi-target, multi-strip, stereo and corridor collection on one single pass
   Imaging capacity   1,500,000 km² (max capacity)
   Max acquisition for
    single target
  60 km × 90 km
•   Image Samples

♦     Villas in the South of Anman, Jordan

♦     Parking Planes in Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai, UAE


•  Contact SpaceWill for Cooperation and Purchase of SuperView NEO-1 satellite data

SpaceWill is the major supplier of SuperView satellite data. SuperView are very-high-resolution commercial imaging satellites. So far there are 9 SuperView satellites in operation, and they are SuperView-1 (4 identical satellites), SuperView-2, SuperView Neo-1 (2 identical satellites) and SuperView Neo-2 (2 identical SAR satellites). The company is also authorized by Chinese government to distribute GF, ZY and HJ satellite data. These satellites include GF-1 (4 satellites), GF-2, GF-3 (3 SAR satellites), GF-4, GF-5, GF-6, GF-7, ZY-1 02C, ZY-1 02D, ZY-3 (3 tri-camera satellites) and HJ-1.

SpaceWill has built a global partner network with 70+ distributors around the world. We are always looking for more distributors and partners who want to distribute or use our satellite data locally.





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