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4 Satellites, 2 m Resolution, Optical

GF-1 (short for GaoFen-1) constellation is composed of 4 satellites. GF-1 is equipped with two 2 m panchromatic and 8 m multispectral cameras (PMC), and four wide-field imagers (WFI) with 16 m multi-spectral resolution and a combined swath of 800 km. The satellite allows the collection in PMC and WFI modes both simultaneously and separately. GF-1B, C and D are single-camera sensors, collecting 2 m panchromatic and 8 m multispectral resolution data. When the four satellites work as a constellation, they provide massive collection efficiently, and cover the whole planet only for 11 days, revisiting at any place on the Earth on a daily base.

  Technical Specifications
   Number of satellites      4 satellites: GF-1, GF-1B, GF-1C and GF-1D
       GF-1   GF-1B, C/D
   Mission life      8 years   8 years
   Weight       1060 kg   795 kg/satellite
  Launch time       April 26, 2013   March 31, 2018
   Orbit      Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node, 645 km altitude, 98.0506° inclination angle
         2 x PM Camera (PMC)   4 x Wide Field Imager (WFI)   PM Camera (PMC)
   Sensor bands      Panchromatic, blue, green,
  red and near-infrared
  Blue, green, red and
  Panchromatic, blue, green,
  red and near-infrared
   Resolution (at nadir)      Ppanchromatic: 2 m,
  multi-spectral: 8 m
  16 m   Panchromatic: 2 m,
  multi-spectral: 8 m
   Dynamic range at
     10 bits   12 bits
   Locational accuracy     50 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)   30 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)
   Swath width (at nadir)     60 km   800 km   60 km
   Revisit capacity      4 days   2 days

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