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HR Resolution, Large Swath, 8-band, Optical, Teamworking with GF-1 Constellation

GF-6 (short for GaoFen-6) is equipped with two cameras, one is high-resolution camera with 2 m panchromatic and 8 m multispectral resolution, the other is a wide-field imager (WFI), collecting 16 m multispectral imagery. The WFI has a large view field, providing the swath of 860 km, and it is agriculture- & forest-oriented with its 8 multispectral bands. GF-6 teams with four GF-1 satellites, collecting huge amount of data.

  Technical Specifications
   Mission life      8 years
   Weight      1064 kg
   Launch time      Jun 2, 2018
    Orbit       Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node, 645 km altitude, 98° inclination angle
         PM Camera (PMC)   Wide Field Imager (WFI)
   Sensor bands     Panchromatic, blue, green, red, near-infrared   Panchromatic, blue, green,
  red, near-infrared, red-edge 1,
  red-edge 2, coastal blue and yellow
   Resolution (at nadir)      Panchromatic: 2 m, multi-spectral: 8 m   Multi-spectral: 16 m
   Locational accuracy     50 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)   50 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)
   Dynamic range at imaging       12 bits   12 bits
   Swath width (at nadir)       95 km   860 km
   Revisit capacity       4 days   4 days

[Statement] These image samples are purpose for demonstration and non-commercial purposes by partners, clients, customers and users. Please be reminded of “SV/GF/ZY/HJ satellite imagery, SpaceWill's distribution” on the image in your use. Should you need any other images that are not released here, please connect us via

  • Potash Lake, Lopnur, Taklimakan in Xinjiang, China
  • UAE Presidential Palace
  • Dead Sea Salt Field, Jordan