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GEO Orbit, Optical, Regional Observation, Rapid Revisit

GF-4 (short for GaoFen-4) is a geosynchronous orbit remote sensing satellite and equipped with a staring camera provided with VNIR and MWIR bands. It observes China and the surrounding area by pointing control. The satellite provides fast, reliable and stable optical data to support disaster response, forestry, earthquake and meteorology applications, and supplements an advanced technology for alerting natural disasters, monitoring wild fires or typhoons.

  Technical Specifications
   Mission life      8 years
   Launch time      Dec 29, 2015
   Orbit      36,000 km altitude, geosynchronous, fixed point location: 105.6°E
          VNIR   MWIR
   Sensor bands       Panchromatic, blue, green,
  red and near-infrared
   Resolution (at nadir)       50 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)   400 m CE90 (w/o GCPs)
   Dynamic range at imaging      16 bits   16 bits
   Imaging modes      Focal, mobile, large-area and
  regional viewing
  Focal, mobile, large-area and
  regional viewing
   Coverage/shot      500 x 500 km²   400 x 400 km²
   Revisit capacity      Minute-class   Second-class

[Statement] These image samples are purpose for demonstration and non-commercial purposes by partners, clients, customers and users. Please be reminded of “SV/GF/ZY/HJ satellite imagery, SpaceWill's distribution” on the image in your use. Should you need any other images that are not released here, please connect us via

  • Dabusun Lake, Qinghai Province, Chin on Oct 13, 2021